Turning Industrial Waste into Revenue


Based in Independence, Ohio - Prime Woodcraft has a global footprint that goes to work for you. Everyday we improve how material waste is removed, reused & repurposed to give our clients a sustainable way to reduce their carbon footprint in the supply chain. Our specialty is seeing the whole supply chain picture and creating solutions that meet the needs of our customers around the country.

More than just recycling...


Prime Woodcraft is dedicated to becoming an asset in your business. As we do our job, we make yours easier!



Quality of Work Matters

What makes Prime Woodcraft different is our attention to detail. There are a lot of companies that can build a pallet, but only PWC combines the industry's most sophisticated technology & highest quality standards to make sure that you get the longest life out of each of your skids. We work to create long term relationships so that we can be an asset to your business.


Solutions for your plastics

Dunnage in your facilitiy can include everything from used packaging materials, recyclables and plastics, to other miscellaneous materials used in shipping of goods. Prime Woodcraft has a variety of outlets & secondary uses for all different types & grades of dunnage so that it can be removed from your dock & warehouse so that you can focus on your core business. To focus on the details for you!

Corrugated Solutions

baler services

There are not many things worse then letting cardboard stack up outside or at your facility. The longer it sits, the less likely someone will be to recycle it & the lower its value becomes. PWC works with you to remove it immediately. We are the only pallet company that lets you also use our trailers to send your cardboard with us. You don't have a baler? No problem. We will bale it for you and return the rebates to you! Don't let cardboard slow you down.


3PL & Warehousing

sometimes you need more!

Prime Woodcraft is dedicated to being an asset for you & your supply chain. We own our own trucks & vans and can be there to help you haul in a moments notice. PWC also owns ample warehouse space for materials and just in time delivery solutions that can keep your business running at optimal efficiency. When Prime Woodcraft becomes your full services logistics solution, you know you are getting 20 years of experience & expertise. 

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